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gepflanzter Bestand der Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen

Soil preparation and planting

With our extensive range of services, we do not simply want to leave you alone with the plants we deliver, but offer advice as well as all subsequent work:


  • We take care of the organisational work associated with planting.

  • We adapt our services to the respective local requirements and customer wishes.

  • We work - if possible - with local partners, because they know the respective conditions particularly well.

I soil preparation is necessary in your habitat, we can carry deep chiseling, ploughing or milling work for you. This will create the best conditions for your plants.

Planting is usually done by hand with us using the respective planting methods that suit the different plant sizes. Depending on the individual conditions, we also offer hole-drilling or mechanical planting as an alternative.

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