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Zaun der Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen GmbH

Protection and care measures

Protective measures

In the area of individual protection, we offer dipping and brushing methods or mechanical methods such as protective spirals and wire trousers. For fencing as an area protection measure, you can choose from our range of fixed fences, scissor fences or horde fences. Likewise, your plants can receive additional packaging from us, such as fresh-keeping bags or coated paper bags.

Care measures

A planted crop is far from being considered secure. For this reason, we offer cultivation by hand or by machine. We discuss the optimal time during the year individually with the respective forest owners.

What's important after the truck delivery:

Illustration Pflanzenschutz Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen GmbH
Illustration Einschlag Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen GmbH

1. Protection

Protect the plants until impact:

  • Cover roots with brushwood or foil

  • or pack a hedgehog

2. Impact

  • Cut (open) bunches

  • Separate plants

  • Cover plants with sandy soil if possible

  • Tread down and fill in the missing areas with soil up to above the root neck

Illustration Wurzelschnitt Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen GmbH
Illustration Pflanzen Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen GmbH

3. Root pruning

  • Only on single plants, never in bunches

  • Shorten overlong or strong roots moderately

  • Cut damaged roots down to the healthy wood

  • No root pruning above 5 mm diameter

  • Preserve fine roots

  • Clean, sharp cut

4. Planting

  • Adapt planting method to root size

  • Water before planting if possible

  • Protect root from dehydration, only plant out of the plant bag

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