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Rooted in the tradition of sustainable plant production, we supply strong plants for the forestation concepts of tomorrow. Whether private, state, national or communal forest - we are there for you throughout northern and central Germany!

As a family business, we can guarantee you individual support tailored to your needs (e.g. cultivation, delivery etc.) Your benefit: our availability. We are here for you at any time.

Facing the challenges
of tomorrow.


Our product catalogue.

Our forest and landscape woods achieve the highest standards of

quality and guaranteed origin.


Aktuelle Angebote

  • Spitzahorn – 80004 – 1/1 – 50-80-120

  • Bergahorn – 80101/80103/80104 – 1/1 – 50-80-120

  • Hainbuche – 80601/80604 – 1/1 – 50-80

  • Rotbuche – 81001/81002/81003 – 3/0 – 50-80-120

  • Rotbuche – 81002 – 4-jährig – 80-120-+

  • Japan. Lärche – 83901/83902 – 1/1 – 30-50-80

  • Fichte – 84001/84002/84005/84006/84007/84008 – 3/4-jährig 

  • Sitkafichte – 84401 – 2/2 – 40-70

  • Kiefer – 85102/85103/85104 – 2/0 - 1/1 - 1/2

  • Ulmus laevis – 1/0 - 1/1 – 50-80-120

Bei Abnahme von mindestens 1000 Stück pro Sorte gewähren wir für diese Positionen einen extra Rabatt. Bitte fragen Sie Ihre Mengen und Wunschsortimente über unser Kontaktformular oder per Mail an. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht.

The Forstbaumschulen Erwin Vogt.

Bestand der Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen

The enterprise

The majority of our 65 hectare farm in Pinneberg is used for forest nursery production. The remaining area is used for regeneration and constantly alternates with the soil to be cultivated.


Through constant development, we have access to the most modern buildings and machines, which facilitate our work and guarantee the freshness of the plants.

All plants are sorted in a special designed hall to protect them from sun and wind. Loading also takes place in a hall to protect them from dehydration.


The total size of the hall area for sorting, loading and seed processing is approx. 1,400 m², plus a cold store or deep-freeze store for seed storage of approx. 830 m³.

Andreas und Armin Vogt


All members of the family are involved in our business. In addition, we have 15 employees and during the main season, when the plants are delivered, round about 20 seasonal workers.

Additionally to plant delivery with our own vehicles, we also offer services such as soil preparation, fence construction and planting by hand or machine.

Bestand der Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen


Here in Pinneberg we have a balanced climate with mild winters and cool summers.
The light soils of the Holstein nursery area and the relatively high humidity are well suited for growing plants, especially forest shrubs.


Schleswig Holsteinische nurseries co-produce for others!

Many of the Holstein nurseries’ customers are other nurseries that make use of our location advantages, at least for young plant cultivation such as outdoor sowing. They have their desired products sown in Schleswig Holstein and then take over the plants after one or two years for further cultivation.

Deeply rooted.

The roots of our forest nursery go back more than 130 years. From the very beginning, the business has been firmly in family hands and remains so today. We are happy to look back on our history together with you.


Eintritt der 5. Generation Lisa Vogt in die Firma.


Ausscheiden der beiden Senioren Christel und Erwin Vogt in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand.


Vier Jahre nach dem Eintritt in das Unternehmen wird Sohn Armin Vogt Mitinhaber der Forstbaumschule Erwin Vogt.


Übernahme der ehemaligen Baumschulflächen der Fa. Paul Rix.


Übernahme der Baumschule durch Wilhelm Vogt - Betriebsgröße ca. 4 ha.


Gründung der Erzeugergemeinschaft für standortheimische Baumschulerzeugnisse w.V.


Eintritt des 2. Sohnes Andreas Vogt. Fortan wird die Forstbaumschule Erwin Vogt von 4 Familienmitgliedern (Christel, Erwin, Armin und Andreas Vogt) geführt.


Eintritt des Sohnes Armin Vogt in das Unternehmen.


Aufteilung des Baumschulbetriebes auf die beiden Söhne Ernst und Erwin Vogt und Umsiedlung nach Pinneberg auf den Betriebshof der Baumschule Paul Rix. Seitdem wird der Betrieb unter dem Namen Erwin Vogt Forstbaumschulen geführt. Inhaber sind Christel und Erwin Vogt.


Gründung der Baumschule Vogt durch Jochen-Hinrich Vogt in Rellingen.

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